Careers at Lumon

You’ve heard of work-life balance. Maybe you’ve worked at a company that promised it. But you have never experienced it—not outside of Lumon.

At Lumon, we’re working on the next generation of biotechnology. Our advances will change your world as you know it. Join us, and shape your future.

Lumon Industries office interior

Open Positions

Our current open positions are listed below.

Burlesque Programmer

Are your coding skills as fancy as your footwork? Are you able to work out complex algorithms while swinging on a stripper pole? Consider joining our talented team for a truly unique opportunity on our SVR’D floor. Apply in person at our Kier, PE headquarters.

Head of Security Operations

Lumon Industries is seeking an experienced individual to lead our Security Operations on our SVR’D floor. Qualified applicants should be mysterious and look majestic while running. Apply in person at our Kier, PE headquarters.